According to a press release from the MIB Solutions, Inc. website, “MIB Inc. Adds Codes Portal to its Productivity Suite.” The MIB Coding Manual, sometimes called the Bible of Insurance because it contains the oldest listing of insurance medical and avocation codes for underwriting. The MIB Solutions, Inc., a/k/a the Medical Information Bureau, continues to withold the MIB codes from consumers and the general public. The press release is reprinted in full:

“MIB Inc. Adds Codes Portal to its Productivity Suite

Braintree, MA (June 4, 2008) – MIB, Inc. (MIB) is introducing a new, web-based version of the MIB Coding Manual that provides underwriters a user-friendly interface and effortless navigation. More than just an electronic book, the “MIB Codes Portal” uses a WEB 2.0 approach that allows MIB to continually enhance the “portal” to offer underwriters easy access to information well beyond traditional coding reference information. The new MIB Codes Portal is part of MIB’s Productivity Suite, which is used by over 100 Member companies.

“We introduced the first electronic version of the coding manual as an add-on to our Productivity Suite 12 years ago,” said Frances T. Georgianna, MIB, Inc.’s chief marketing officer. “It enabled us to provide our Members with up-to-date MIB medical coding information in a timely and efficient manner. Our new MIB Codes Portal offers far more flexibility and options than its predecessor. It is more than a repository of vital information; it’s a tool that gives our Members a variety of new ways to put that information to work for them.”

Over 30 underwriters from MIB Member companies reviewed prototypes of the new MIB Codes Portal. “Their feedback helped ensure we were moving in the right direction,” said Robert L. DiAngelo, MIB, Inc.’s executive vice president. The portal provides MIB the flexibility to easily update product features, including MIB coding changes, while providing multiple navigation and context-sensitive presentations of information. Requiring only an Internet Browser, users have the option of accessing it via KnowledgeNow, MIB’s secure extranet or by loading it to their own secure servers for access by approved users.

“Available through KnowledgeNow, our secure extranet, or for download on our
Members server, the MIB Codes Portal offers advantages over its predecessor,” said DiAngelo. “And, we are already working on improvements that will further increase its value. For example, users are automatically subscribed to MIB Codes Portal updates and changes, and will have access to demonstrations and instructional videos for using advanced features. We are not just making the information available; we are making it adaptable to the changing needs of our members. Users will see its advantages when we implement a series of coding changes on August 18th.”

“We realize it’s not sufficient to just provide information,” said Georgianna. “We have to make sure it adapts easily to our members’ fast-changing requirements. With our new MIB Codes Portal we do just that and believe our Members will view it as a welcome addition to our Productivity Suite.”

In addition to the Codes Portal, the MIB Productivity Suite includes an automated code translation facility within WEB-TERM and a downloadable version of the MIB Codes Tables to allow Members to build MIB coding, editing and translating functions directly into their own systems.

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