About MIB Solutions, Inc.

Who is MIB Solutions, Inc. and what type of consumer information does the company collect and distribute?


MIB Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the MIB Group, Inc., develops and markets products and services that help insurance companies make better, more informed underwriting and risk management decisions. In addition to new products and services, our mission is to expand MIB’s core fraud detection and deterrence services into new markets.

For decades, our work with the Society of Actuaries and collaborative research groups like the Mortality and Morbidity Liaison Committee have placed us at the forefront of industry analytics — aggregating industry experience to set the foundation for mortality tables and keeping underwriting current with medical advances. Our analytic capabilities and industry-wide perspective, together with our broad access to the North American life insurance industry, gives us a greater understanding of the risk management issues facing insurers today.

These core competencies, combined with our unique industry positioning, make MIB Solutions, Inc. a leading provider of risk management products and services that give insurance executives the capabilities they require to improve business performance, increase effectiveness and, ultimately, enhance profitability.”

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MIB, Inc. Management

Who is the management of MIB, Inc.?

“MIB, Inc. Management
Robert L. DiAngelo, Executive Vice President of MIB Group, Inc. and MIB, Inc.

Appointed Executive Vice President of MIB Group and MIB, Inc. in June of 2006, Mr. DiAngelo has operational responsibility for MIB, Inc. and its core fraud detection services. Prior to assuming that role, Mr. DiAngelo served as Vice President, Chief Information Officer for MIB Group. During his tenure as Chief Information Officer, Mr. DiAngelo directed the strategic reengineering of MIB’s core technology, including the adoption of the industry standard ACORD model for business-to-business communication with customers. His technology team received the prestigious SHARE 2005 Award for Excellence in Technology in recognition of their work. Mr. DiAngelo has also held positions in sales, marketing and product development at MIB. Mr. DiAngelo holds an M.S. in Computer Information Systems from Bentley College, Waltham, Massachusetts and a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Massachusetts in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Frances T. (Marinelli) Georgianna, Vice President, Chief Market and Membership Officer
Before joining MIB, Frances T. (Marinelli) Georgianna served as Vice President of Underwriting, Administrative Services and Product Development for Massachusetts Casualty Insurance Company. Ms. Georgianna held the position of Assistant Vice President of Disability Insurance at Mutual of New York. Ms. Georgianna served as Chairperson for LIMRA on the health insurance committee and the forum. Recently, Ms. Georgianna has been involved in the emerging market of Critical Illness insurance. Ms. Georgianna brings 30 years of disability, life, and long term care insurance experience to MIB. Ms. Georgianna is responsible for MIB Marketing activities, which includes addressing the challenges of MIB marketing efforts. Included in this position is product development, market positioning, brand building and other key activities. This leadership role is responsible for MIB Marketing strategy and planning. Ms. Georgianna also has the responsibility for the Senior Product Council, organized to consider new approaches and solutions to the Membership area. Ms. Georgianna has been very active in the market planning and positioning of MIB services to the insurance industry. Ms. Georgianna is also responsible for membership affairs, serving as a communications liaison between the insurance industry and MIB. Ms. Georgianna holds a B.A. from the State University of New York at Potsdam and holds an R.H.U. designation.

Edward A. Dalto, Director, Computer Operations and Support
Edward A. Dalto brings over 33 years of MIB experience to this leadership position. His current responsibilities include overseeing Computer Operations, Core and Specialized Production Services, Technical Solutions (HelpDesk), Data Quality, Name Dictionary Administration and Control, and Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery. After his initial MIB employment as a part-time computer operator in 1971, Edward started his upward progression by learning the computer programming trade. He worked in various departments as a software developer and technical support specialist. Edward honed his MIB products and services technical skills in the Production Systems Control group. During that tenure, he was promoted to Department Manager. In 1998, Mr. Dalto’s knowledge of MIB data processing and information technology positioned him to be the candidate selected to fill the position of Computer Operations and Support Director. Just prior to and during that timeframe, he orchestrated a critical and successful business continuance date transition as the MIB Year 2000 Project Manager.

David N. Olson, Senior Director, Information Technology
David Olson has over 30 years of experience with MIB technology. Prior to being appointed Senior Director of IT, he served as Visioneering Director, where he was responsible for identifying key emerging technologies. As such, he chaired the IT Architecture Study which identified the core technologies on which the reengineering effort is based. He also worked with industry groups to develop MIB transactions based on open standards. He worked first on ANSI X12 standards before committing MIB to support of ACORD XML standards, which form the basis of the WEB-DIRECT interface. In his work with ACORD, he was chair for 3 years of ACORD’s Life Architecture Working Group and is currently involved in several ACORD working groups developing the next generation of ACORD’s standards to support SOA and Web Services. Prior to becoming Visioneering Director, Mr. Olson managed the development group which was responsible for the Search System that responds to customer inquiries, and which developed major subsystems of the MIB-COMM connectivity product. Mr. Olson attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he studied physics, prior to joining the Army where he received training in electronics and cryptographic systems.”

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MIB, Inc. Saves Money for Insurance Corporations

How effective is the MIB, Inc. suite of product in saving money for its corporate clients? The MIB, Inc. marketing materials offer the following description:

“Life Insurers Save Over $46 Dollars for Every Dollar They Invest with MIB
That’s the return life companies receive from MIB’s protective value as documented by Milliman, Inc. (www.milliman.com), a leading global actuarial consulting firm. The MIB Checking Service creates transparency for North American life, health, disability, critical illness and LTC underwriters so they can better understand the health of their applicants. Every policyholder pays for errors, misstatements, omissions and fraud on insurance applications — items that cause underwriters to improperly assess risk. MIB reports provide underwriters with confidential, brief coded medical resumes to compare against insurance medical questionnaires, and in this way provide an “alert” for further investigation. MIB saves the industry over a billion dollars annually and keeps the cost of insurance affordable for honest protection seeking consumers.

A Protective Value Study of the MIB Inquiry Service
Richard L. Bergstrom, FSA, MAAA, Consulting Actuary, Milliman & Robertson, Inc. and Stephen A. Freitas, Senior Developer, MIB, Solutions, Inc., December 1999

Executive Summary
A protective value study of the MIB Inquiry Service was performed by examining applications for life insurance from one representative company over a period of one month. Protective value exists whenever the estimated mortality savings of using the MIB Inquiry Service exceeds the cost of the service. ‘Savings’ is a function of excess impaired mortality, amount applied for, impairment prevalence, test sensitivity, and exclusivity factor of the MIB information.

The year-to-year savings was calculated in today’s dollars by discounting future excess mortality at 8%, and taking into account reasonable anticipated lapse rates of the policies over time. Conservative assumptions were made in calculating the present value of savings. This was done to reduce any potential “favorable” bias in the savings element. Overall, for all cases examined, the present value of savings was $0.18 per thousand, which yielded a savings-to-cost ratio of $46:1 for the portfolio reviewed.

History of the Medical Information Bureau
Concerned with the undisclosed risk posed by fraudulent applicants, 15 Medical Directors organized in 1890 to ensure the livelihood of their businesses, the solvency of the insurance industry, and the fair and equitable pricing of policies. That organization would become MIB. These MIB member companies quickly realized that they already possessed the best resources for determining the accuracy of applicants’ health – their current and former applications. Agreeing to share and analyze this information afforded valuable insights into the true risks they were carrying. More than a century later, this integral information exchange is still at work protecting the life, health and disability income insurance industries.

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Insurance Group Identifies Frequent Shoppers

What is the MIB, Inc. product called the “Insurance Activity Index”?  The MIB, Inc. marketing materials offer the following description of the “Insurance Activity Index,” an electronic information product to exchange consumer information among insurance and healthcare corporations:

Insurance Activity Index – Identifying frequent shoppers

If left unchecked, applicants who “stack” or “churn” policies by applying for insurance with multiple companies can fly below radar and erode the most financially sound company’s book. But the IAI enables MIB Members to track the number of times an MIB check was requested on an applicant in the two previous years. This snapshot of recent application activity helps identify applicants who might be attempting to conceal medical conditions that could affect their insurability by taking multiple, low face value policies that are not medically underwritten to obtain the desired level of coverage.”

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“F” Stands for Follow-Up: MIB PLAN F

What is the “Follow-Up Service (Plan F)”? The MIB, Inc. marketing materials offer the following description of the “Follow-Up Service (Plan F),” an electronic information product to exchange consumer information among insurance and healthcare corporations:

“Follow-Up Service – Casting a larger net

Some opportunities are too good to pass up, which is why the Follow-Up Service (Plan F) is an insurer’s primary source of post-underwriting information. The MIB Follow-Up Service provides the ability to uncover misrepresentation during the contestable period. For the two years following the original MIB inquiry, this service continues to alert Members to a policyholder’s medical and other conditions of underwriting significance that may have been undisclosed at the time of the original application. This includes a screen of OFAC/OSFI which provides a follow-up for two years if a new name appears that is a “hit” from a previously checked name. And for those who prefer to receive only those codes that may have significance in conjunction with rescissions, we offer a customizable filter for that purpose.”

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MIB Checking Service – Issue with Confidence

What is the “MIB Checking Service”? The MIB, Inc. marketing materials offer the following description of the “MIB Checking Service,” an electronic information product to exchange consumer information among insurance and healthcare corporations:

“MIB Checking Service – Issue with Confidence”

The MIB Checking Service is the flagship service offered by MIB. Through this service, MIB provides for the exchange of confidential, coded underwriting information among its members. Members use the MIB Checking Service to compare an individual applicant’s information against information in the MIB database. This exchange of information helps members to detect and deter fraud by applicants who omit or seek to conceal facts that are essential to the underwriting process.

The MIB Checking Service makes it possible to exchange information quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively.


About MIB Group

MIB Group, Inc. (“MIB”) is a membership corporation owned by approximately 470 member insurance companies in the US and Canada. Organized in 1902, MIB’s core fraud protection services protect insurers, policyholders and applicants from attempts to conceal or omit information material to the sound and equitable underwriting of life, health, disability income, critical illness and long-term care insurance. (more…)

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What is the “MIB WEB-TERM”? The MIB, Inc. marketing materials offer the following description of the “MIB WEB-TERM,” an electronic information product to exchange consumer information among insurance and healthcare corporations:

“WEB-TERM (Secure, browser-based access to services)
WEB-TERM offers full featured Internet connectivity to MIB data services on a single-record basis via a web browser from any Internet connected PC. WEB-TERM is accessible through KnowledgeNow, MIB’s secure Business-to-Business Internet site.

WEB-TERM offers rich navigation, drop down menus, and auto fill fields, increasing data entry speed and accuracy.
Available services include:

  • MIB Checking Service – inquiries/replies, updates, and changes
  • Insurance Activity Index (IAI)
  • Request for Details
  • Disability Insurance Record Service (DIRS) inquiries with/without capture data
  • Alpha Index Service (ALPS) inquiries with/without capture data and updates
  • MIB Business Reports – Follow-ups, Request for details, error reports and recap reports
  • WEB-TERM New User Registration
  • WEB-TERM System Requirements

Features and Benefits

  • Security Model
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption
  • Digital certificate authentication (PKI technology)
  • Easier network integration through Internet protocols
  • Improved availability and performance of systems and communications
  • Improved data semantics enhanced search accuracy”
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MIB Knowledge Now

MIB KnowledgeNow is located at https://www.knowledgenow.com, but your browser cannot go there. (Please do not try.)

What is “MIB, Inc.’s KnowledgeNow” product?

“KnowledgeNow is a subscribers-only website, provided by MIB, Inc. an MIB Group company, for the use and exchange of insurance industry information. Access to KnowledgeNow is provided upon issuance of a valid authenticating certificate from MIB’s designated certificate authority.

KnowledgeNow Registration

As the representative of an MIB Member Company requesting full access to KnowledgeNow, including WEB-enabled Products and Services, you are required to assume certain administrative responsibilities. In assuming these responsibilities, you assist in supporting the secure exchange of confidential information over the Internet. Only one administrator is required for each participating Member Company. Responsibilities are: (more…)

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MIB Access

MIB Access welcomes you to MIB:

“Welcome to MIB!

MIB is a members-only fraud prevention and deterrent organization that has served the life, health, and disability insurance industry for nearly 100 years.

In 1902, the medical directors of 15 insurance companies joined in a cooperative effort to provide a confidential exchange of underwriting information. Their mission was to alert one another to the possibility of fraud or misrepresentation. Each recognized the impact that fraud, misrepresentation, or omission of vital information could have. They felt it was wrong to charge honest applicants higher premiums because of the dishonesty or deception of a few. By taking this initiative MIB was born, thus protecting the honest consumer!

MIB has grown from its original 15 members to more than 500 member companies, including virtually every major company issuing life, health and disability insurance in the United States and Canada. Located in Braintree, Massachusetts, MIB is now the leading information services company for the North American life insurance industry.

Find out more at www.mib.com.”

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MIB, Inc. Offers ALL to Corporations and NONE to Consumers

What services and products does the MIB, Inc. provide for its corporation membership of insurance and healthcare companies? The MIB, Inc. marketing materials offer the following description “MIB, Inc. Training and Support:”

MIB provides training and support to member companies including:

  • Training for new member companies
  • Advanced training for existing members
  • Advice on MIB coding questions
  • Connectivity and System integration support
  • Guidance on Rules and Bylaws interpretations
  • Toll free number for the MIB Help Desk”

What do paid corporate subscribers say about the technology services and products MIB, Inc. provides for its corporation membership of insurance and healthcare companies? The MIB, Inc. marketing materials offer the following description:


“I cannot do business without MIB – it is an irreplaceable source of anti-selection criteria.” VP, Life Underwriting

“MIB always finds something that hasn’t been disclosed.” VP, Individual Medical Underwriting

“We save $58 for every dollar we spend on MIB.” Assistant VP, Underwriting

“With MIB our rescission rate is less than one percent because we catch problem applications at the front end.” Chief Underwriter, Health Insurance

“It is a ‘must-have’ to protect yourself against fraud.” Senior Underwriter “

So, what types of technology services and products does MIB, Inc. provide for paying consumers of insurance and healthcare products? The MIB, Inc. marketing materials offer the following description:

As a secure repository of the personal and private health information for millions of insurance applicants, MIB protects both consumers and the insurance industry. Our role as a trusted guardian extends to servicing consumers’ requests for reinvestigations and amendments.

Through an easy to use, streamlined [telephone] process, consumers may request their MIB records one time per year, free of charge. [No online access is offered.]” (more…)

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MIB, Inc. Corporate Connectivity Solutions

What are the “MIB, Inc. Corporate Connectivity Solutions”? The MIB, Inc. marketing materials offer the following description of the “MIB, Inc. Corporate Connectivity Solutions,” types of electronic information product to exchange consumer information among insurance and healthcare corporations:

“MIB, Inc. Connectivity & Integration – Information Where and When You Need It

Information is most valuable when it is an integral part of your core business processes. MIB offers a variety of connectivity options and productivity tools to give you access to our services when and where you need it. Whether you need to simply provide underwriters direct access to MIB Services or fully integrate our Services into your automated underwriting systems, MIB has a solution.

Connectivity Solutions
Our WEB Enabled Business Solutions deliver rapid, Internet-based access to MIB services that meet even the most stringent security requirements. (Browser-based access)

  • WEB-TERM supports the entire range of MIB Services and offers a simple navigation interface, drop down menus and auto-fill fields for fast and accurate data entry. WEB-TERM is accessible through KnowledgeNow, our secure extranet. (ACORD compliant, system-to-system access)
  • WEB-DIRECT allows you to integrate MIB Services into your underwriting system. WEB-DIRECT combines standard HTTP Internet protocols with the ACORD TxLife Data Standard allowing you to build your MIB interface from virtually anywhere. (LAN system-to-system)
  • MIB-LINK/Plus V3 also allows you to integrate MIB Services into your underwriting system but does not support the industry standard ACORD TxLife Data Standard. MLP/V3 uses proprietary data formats and requires the popular Windows Server operating system. MIB offers a variety of connectivity solutions to address the myriad of platforms operating throughout the industry. We also work directly with new business and underwriting system software vendors to ensure their systems support the full range of MIB Services. Before you buy, ask your vendor about their MIB support.”

Have you viewed your annual medical report recently? The Medical Information Bureau, a/k/a MIB Group, Inc., does not offer consumers a secure system online to request, review, and dispute information in their consumer “medical report” file. All consumers are entitled to a free annual medical report under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Consumers wishing to request their annual medical report must call the Medical Information Bureau’s phone number at 1-866-692-6901 on Monday through Friday, from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Eastern Time). The Medical Information Bureau’s phone number at 1-866-692-6901 is CLOSED ON SATURDAY, SUNDAY, AND FEDERAL HOLIDAYS)

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Insurance Industry Links

Links to Insurance industry websites:

ACLI (American Council of Life Insurers)


AHIP (America’s Health Insurance Plans)


AHOU (Association of Home Office Underwriters)


American Academy of Insurance Medicine


American College


CLHIA (Canadian Life and Health Insurance)


ICA (International Claims Association)


III (Insurance Information Institute)


Insurance Industry Resource Portal



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MIB Revealed: About the MIB Group, Inc.

The Medical Information Bureau (MIB), a business-interest corporation, is the world’s largest insurance reporting agency and represents approximately 500 member insurance companies. “The Medical Information Bureau (a/k/a, MIB Group, Inc., a/k/a, MIB, Inc., a/k/a, MIB Solutions, Inc.) collects and furnishes information on consumers to all Medical Information Bureau (MIB) member corporations for use in the insurance underwriting process. By detecting and deterring fraud, the Medical Information Bureau saves its corporate members an estimated $1 billion dollars per year.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) warns Americans that, in addition to medical conditions, data collected and reported by MIB may include an individual’s credit history, driving records, criminal activity, tobacco usage, drinking habits, participation in hazardous sports and “other” data.

Under questioning by a Senate Banking Committee in the 1970s, MIB’s former executive director and general counsel Joseph C. Wilberding revealed that the “other” category in MIB files has included information on “sexual deviation” (i.e., homosexuality, effeminate behaviors, bachelorhood, HIV acquisition, and a woman’s questionable “moral character” for giving birth out of wedlock), drug addiction, alcoholism and such hazardous hobbies as auto racing and flying.

MIB Group, Inc. is “the leading provider of internet-based fraud detection data, risk management tools and actuarial analytics for the North American insurance industry.”  The operations of the Medical Information Bureau (MIB), and its extensive network of subsidaries and affiliates, are relatively unknown to consumers. The Medical Information Bureau (MIB) is branded as the MIB Group, Inc., and is a Delaware-registered non-stock membership corporation. In addition, the MIB Group, Inc. is the umbrella organization for MIB, Inc., and MIB Solutions, Inc.

Founded in 1902, the Medical Information Bureau (MIB)  is America’s oldest and longest continuously operating credit reporting agency. Accessing 100 million records and growing weekly, the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) owns and monetizes, “North America’s largest database of medical conditions on insurance applicants. [Including] diagnosed medical conditions from attending physicians, lab test results, qualified physical exams, self-admitted medical conditions.”

From the “About the MIB Group, Inc.” section of its website, the MIB Group, Inc. provides the following description:

“MIB Group, Inc. (“MIB”) is a membership corporation owned by approximately 470 member insurance companies in the US and Canada. Organized in 1902, MIB’s core fraud protection services protect insurers, policyholders and applicants from attempts to conceal or omit information material to the sound and equitable underwriting of life, health, disability income, critical illness and long-term care insurance.

From 1902 through 1945, MIB was governed by a sub-committee of the Association of Life Insurance Medical Directors of America (ALIMDA). In 1946, MIB was established as an unincorporated association under New York law. In 1978, a decision was made to incorporate, thereby transforming MIB, as a business entity, from an unincorporated association into a Delaware membership corporation. The decision to incorporate MIB was well-reasoned and came at a critical crossroads in MIB’s history. Incorporation provided MIB member companies with limited liability and rendered moot the lingering legal questions that MIB had about the ability of an unincorporated association to execute contracts in its own name, among other things.

As a “membership” or “non-stock corporation,” MIB has not been capitalized through the issuance of stock and MIB has no shareholders. MIB’s members are the ultimate beneficial owners of the corporation. In contrast to “for profit” corporations, MIB was organized for purposes other than generating profit and no part of the corporation’s income is distributed to its members, directors, or officers. However, MIB does not enjoy tax exempt status.

Recognizing the need to develop new products and services, MIB’s Board of Directors and membership authorized management to reorganize the company in 1999. To do so, MIB Group, Inc. became a parent company (acting as a holding company) and two wholly-owned “for profit” stock subsidiaries were formed: MIB, Inc. and e-Services Corporation. [In 2006, the name “e-Services Corporation” was changed to “MIB Solutions, Inc.”]. The current organizational structure of MIB Group, Inc. allows MIB Solutions to develop new products and services, while MIB Inc. continues to provide the flagship MIB Checking Service (MIB’s core fraud protection services).”

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You’ve Never Seen the “Medical Report” file Kept on You

As a consumer, if you’ve applied for any insurance or health care products, you’ve likely given your consent to have the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) distribute, analyze, and monitor a large collection of highly intimate and unique information about you. According to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission,

“Data collected by the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) may include an individual’s credit history, medical conditions, driving records, criminal activity, and participation in hazardous sports, among other facts.”

Although most consumers have checked, or are aware of the existence of a “credit report” file, almost no one has ever heard of the Medical Information Bureau (MIB), or is even aware of a “medical report” file being kept on them. More importantly, the “medical report” file being kept by the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) is more comprehensive and detailed than a “credit report” file.

Specifically, your “medical report” file includes BOTH MEDICAL AND NON-MEDICAL information. The types of non-medical information collected by the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) may include, but is not limited to, driving records, pariticpation in hazardous sports, aviation activity, criminal records, and “life-style” activities. Just as information errors are rampant in consumer “credit report” files, there is significant opportunity for consumer “medical report” files to contain errors about medical information, but also about non-medical information.

According to the Medical Information Bureau marketing materials, “the MIB’s fraud detection and deterrence saves its member companies, on an annual basis, an estimated $1 billion by allowing them to avoid fraudulent insurance applications and early claims.” (more…)

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All Consumers Get an Annual Medical Report from MIB, Inc.

On June, 21 1995, the Federal Trade Commission announced an agreement with the Medical Information Bureau (MIB), a business-interest corporation and the largest insurance reporting agency in the world.

The Federal Trade Commission press release is reprinted below in full:

“Nation’s Largest Insurance Reporting Agency Agrees To Expand Consumer Rights
– Fair Credit Reporting Act requirements to apply to insurance investigations under new policy accepted by Medical Information Bureau”

The Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection today released a staff opinion letter in accordance with which the nation’s largest insurance reporting agency will, for the first time, provide millions of consumers applying for health, disability and life insurance with the same guarantees that protect consumers from unfair treatment in credit and employment investigations.

Under the new rule, approved by the FTC staff and agreed to by the reporting agency, the Medical Information Bureau (MIB), all insurance companies who are members of the MIB will abide by the Fair Credit Reporting Act requirement that an individual be informed when a consumer report played any part in the insurer’s decision to deny coverage or to charge a higher rate. In such cases, the insurance company will notify the consumer of the name and address of the consumer reporting agency that provided the report. Consumers who receive the notice are entitled to receive a free copy of their report from the reporting agency, if requested within 30 days, to verify that all information is correct. (more…)

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Annual Medical Report




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Free Print or Download – MIB Request Form for Annual Disclosure

Thanks for your interest in the Medical Information Bureau (MIB, Inc.). Please click here to download or print a free sample MIB Request Form (PDF link).

With this form, you can request a copy of your report file from the MIB, Inc. (Medical Information Bureau). Instructions are included. (Read here for more information about the MIB, Inc.)

You can also make your free annual request by calling the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) toll-free at 1-866-692-6901. As a nationwide specialty consumer reporting agency, MIB Inc. “must provide a toll-free number that is published in every telephone directory in which a number for the company appears, and is clearly and prominently posted on the company’s website.”

The Medical Information Bureau, Inc. (MIB), a Delaware corporation, is the world’s largest insurance reporting agency and represents approximately 500 member insurance companies.  “The Medical Information Bureau (a/k/a, MIB Group, Inc., a/k/a, MIB, Inc., a/k/a, MIB Solutions, Inc.) collects and furnishes information on consumers to all Medical Information Bureau (MIB) member corporations for use in the insurance underwriting process.”

In addition to an individual’s credit history, data collected by the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) may include “medical conditions, driving records, criminal activity, drug use, participation in hazardous sports, and personal or family genetic history, among other facts.”  Under Federal law, the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) is a “consumer-reporting agency” and is required by law to provide a medical report to consumers every 12 months.

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