Ingenix Inc. services for data integration and management is based on the processing and integrating of more than 150 million records annually from more than 500 diverse health and workforce productivity related data sources.  “In a climate where the average employer’s health care costs rise at an annual rate of 12-15 percent, Ingenix Inc. customers experienced average trends nearly 40 percent below this national average.”

Ingenix Inc. is one of the largest health data and information companies in the industry and sells a comprehensive line of products and services, including the “Parallax i” workforce product to monitor employees health costs. “Parallax i” is the a fully web-based, health and productivity decision support portal. “Parallax i” delivers comprehensive reporting functionality, data analysis, and valuable web content directly to your desktop via the Internet.

More than 115 employers rely on Ingenix data warehousing, analysis and consulting services to improve the cost and quality of workforce health and productivity. With more than 20 years of experience, Ingenix is a leading provider of Total Health and Productivity (THPM) solutions for employers.

Ingenix tools and services can help turn corporate, employee-level data into bottom-line savings for companies and organizations.  Employers have used Ingenix services to:

▪ Quantify the changes in plan costs and identify the drivers of those changes;
▪ Assess and monitor the quality of care being provided to employees;
▪ Identify potential areas of excess care or unfavorable pricing;
▪ Assess the performance of carriers and networks;
▪ Evaluate the necessity and value of specialty and carve-out benefit programs;
▪ Structure plan designs consistent with organizational strategy;
▪ Forecast costs and establish budgets;
▪ Present benefit plan and rationale for change to senior management and union leaders;
▪ Evaluate the diagnostic causes of health-related claims, occupational injuries and lost time;
▪ Target potential high-cost groups for preventive interventions;
▪ Determine the interventions likely to have the most impact on specific populations; and
▪ Identify and quantify chronic disease cases and initiate care management.

Data Integration – Ingenix services begin with the acquisition, cleansing and verification of customer data and the creation of a customized data warehouse. A full range of employer data can be integrated and merged, from enrollment data, medical and prescription drug data, non-occupational disability and workers’ compensation data, to illness/absenteeism data, results from health risk appraisals, and data from EAP, disease management, wellness and other programs.

Total Health Reporting – “Parallax i” can provide decision support and benchmark data for such key functions as: vendor management and plan performance; prescription drugs; quality of care and disease management; workforce productivity and disability management; budgeting and trend analysis; enrollment; and pricing. Extensive drill down and pivoting options within the tool allow for closer analytic investigation.

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