What technology products does MIB, Inc. offer its corporate member companies? The MIB, Inc. marketing materials offer the following descriptions for the MIB Productivity Suite and MIB Outsource Services – Alpha-Index Processing Service:

Productivity Suite
Intuitive tools for maximizing the MIB Checking Service

Our Productivity Suite is a collection of WEB-based and software based tools that make using the MIB Checking Service easier and more efficient. The suite features an electronic version of the MIB Coding Manual; point and click MIB Code translation for WEB-TERM; a WEB-based, standalone MIB Code translator; and a complete set of MIB Code Tables. MIB Code Tables let your technology team easily build MIB Code editing, translation and reporting processes into your underwriting system.

No matter what type of MIB connectivity you use, the MIB Productivity Suite improves underwriting efficiency when decoding or reporting MIB Codes. Benefits include faster translation of MIB Codes, instant access to the MIB Coding Manual, improved coding selection and a faster learning curve for new underwriters.

Outsource Services – Alpha-Index Processing Service

  • Locate client and applicant records instantly
  • Use advanced, sophisticated name-searching technology
  • Readily develop a client-centric view of diverse data
  • Bridge databases and administrative systems conveniently and cost-effectively
  • Bridge Diverse Systems

Multiple computer and administration silos are common to most insurers, and bridging these systems is a prevalent problem throughout the industry. The industry’s merger and acquisition activity has compounded the problem, and while the walls between these institutions may have crumbled, systems barriers and silos can exist for years. MIB’s Alpha Index Processing Service (ALPS) helps bridge your system silos, developing a client-centric, enterprise-wide view of customers and applicants. Feeding data from these various systems into a central ALPS file warehoused at MIB, and using MIB’s sophisticated name-searching technology, will allow you to bridge the canyons between your data silos.

Locate Client and Applicant Records Instantly
Use ALPS to quickly locate applicants, claimants, and policyholders with a minimum of input data. ALPS allows you to search across various systems, databases, and stand-alone files on an alpha basis. ALPS applies MIB’s name-searching technology to your company’s private records and files. Whether the name is that of a client, applicant, beneficiary, annuitant or claimant, ALPS finds all the information instantly. You can combine an ALPS search with an MIB search. In a simple, one-step process, search your company’s policyholder files and MIB’s underwriting databases to see if records exist on an applicant.

Use Advanced, Sophisticated Name-Searching Technology
Both ALPS and MIB use the same, trusted, and undisputedly the best, name-searching technology available. This technology is capable of searching files containing millions of names at the rate of hundreds of names per second. MIB’s search algorithm selects a large number of candidate last name and first name combinations very quickly and then returns only the most relevant records. Whether the first name is Johan, Ivan, or John, and the last name is Smyth, Smythe, or Smith, you’ll find the correct individual. ALPS is very flexible. Your ALPS file can be adapted to meet your business and processing needs, whether the problem you are attempting to solve is customer service oriented, new business, underwriting, or some other business problem. There are no limits to the number of records that can be stored in your ALPS file. In fact, some of the largest files at MIB are the policyholder files of the largest life insurance companies.

Provide Remote Access to All Your Corporate Data

In today’s world of mergers, acquisitions and consolidations, ALPS provides the resources and flexibility necessary to bridge systems and databases, providing a client-centric view. All the branches, divisions, and subsidiary companies under your corporate umbrella, no matter how remote, can access your corporation’s data in the same way they now access MIB. You can simultaneously search MIB databases, and . . . search and update your own private ALPS Files!

One Users ALPS Success Story
“We use ALPS in conjunction with our underwriting process because we control the input! I’m not relying on some down stream process or department for input and control! We (our underwriting department) control the ALPS input and thus it is simply the most accurate snapshot of our past underwriting on applicants!”

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