MIB KnowledgeNow is located at https://www.knowledgenow.com, but your browser cannot go there. (Please do not try.)

What is “MIB, Inc.’s KnowledgeNow” product?

“KnowledgeNow is a subscribers-only website, provided by MIB, Inc. an MIB Group company, for the use and exchange of insurance industry information. Access to KnowledgeNow is provided upon issuance of a valid authenticating certificate from MIB’s designated certificate authority.

KnowledgeNow Registration

As the representative of an MIB Member Company requesting full access to KnowledgeNow, including WEB-enabled Products and Services, you are required to assume certain administrative responsibilities. In assuming these responsibilities, you assist in supporting the secure exchange of confidential information over the Internet. Only one administrator is required for each participating Member Company. Responsibilities are:

Managing access rights to the KnowledgeNow Web site

  • Initiating requests for registration and resignation of KnowledgeNow users at your company
  • Accept receipt of user authenticating information from MIB via e-mail and certified mail

Systems Requirements
One of the following Windows-based operating systems:

  • 2000
  • XP Personal or Professional edition
  • 128MB System memory required (256MB recommended)
  • Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher
  • 56K available Bandwidth per active user

Installation FAQ
What is an “authenticating certificate”?

The “authenticating certificate” is a secure digital electronic identity. This certificate identifies you to MIB as a trusted entity.

How do I install the authenticating certificate on my computer?

You must access the certificate site referenced in the registration communications with MIB Customer Service. At the site you will prompted to enter the user-id fields and passcode which will be provided to you.

Can I install one certificate on more than one computer?

No. Each authenticating certificate is usable on only one computer. If you need to add additional users to KnowledgeNow.com, they will each need their own authenticating certificate.

Can I re-install the authenticating certificate again on the same computer?

Please contact MIB Customer Service for assistance.

How do I know the authenticating certificate has been installed?

You will receive a message indicating the installation was successful.

Can I get into KnowledgeNow.com from my web browser?

Yes. Just enter https://www.knowledgenow.com.

Who do I contact if I have problems installing my authenticating certificate?

Please contact MIB Customer Service for assistance.”

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