What is the “MIB WEB-TERM”? The MIB, Inc. marketing materials offer the following description of the “MIB WEB-TERM,” an electronic information product to exchange consumer information among insurance and healthcare corporations:

“WEB-TERM (Secure, browser-based access to services)
WEB-TERM offers full featured Internet connectivity to MIB data services on a single-record basis via a web browser from any Internet connected PC. WEB-TERM is accessible through KnowledgeNow, MIB’s secure Business-to-Business Internet site.

WEB-TERM offers rich navigation, drop down menus, and auto fill fields, increasing data entry speed and accuracy.
Available services include:

  • MIB Checking Service – inquiries/replies, updates, and changes
  • Insurance Activity Index (IAI)
  • Request for Details
  • Disability Insurance Record Service (DIRS) inquiries with/without capture data
  • Alpha Index Service (ALPS) inquiries with/without capture data and updates
  • MIB Business Reports – Follow-ups, Request for details, error reports and recap reports
  • WEB-TERM New User Registration
  • WEB-TERM System Requirements

Features and Benefits

  • Security Model
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128-bit encryption
  • Digital certificate authentication (PKI technology)
  • Easier network integration through Internet protocols
  • Improved availability and performance of systems and communications
  • Improved data semantics enhanced search accuracy”

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