Who is the management of MIB, Inc.?

“MIB, Inc. Management
Robert L. DiAngelo, Executive Vice President of MIB Group, Inc. and MIB, Inc.

Appointed Executive Vice President of MIB Group and MIB, Inc. in June of 2006, Mr. DiAngelo has operational responsibility for MIB, Inc. and its core fraud detection services. Prior to assuming that role, Mr. DiAngelo served as Vice President, Chief Information Officer for MIB Group. During his tenure as Chief Information Officer, Mr. DiAngelo directed the strategic reengineering of MIB’s core technology, including the adoption of the industry standard ACORD model for business-to-business communication with customers. His technology team received the prestigious SHARE 2005 Award for Excellence in Technology in recognition of their work. Mr. DiAngelo has also held positions in sales, marketing and product development at MIB. Mr. DiAngelo holds an M.S. in Computer Information Systems from Bentley College, Waltham, Massachusetts and a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Massachusetts in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Frances T. (Marinelli) Georgianna, Vice President, Chief Market and Membership Officer
Before joining MIB, Frances T. (Marinelli) Georgianna served as Vice President of Underwriting, Administrative Services and Product Development for Massachusetts Casualty Insurance Company. Ms. Georgianna held the position of Assistant Vice President of Disability Insurance at Mutual of New York. Ms. Georgianna served as Chairperson for LIMRA on the health insurance committee and the forum. Recently, Ms. Georgianna has been involved in the emerging market of Critical Illness insurance. Ms. Georgianna brings 30 years of disability, life, and long term care insurance experience to MIB. Ms. Georgianna is responsible for MIB Marketing activities, which includes addressing the challenges of MIB marketing efforts. Included in this position is product development, market positioning, brand building and other key activities. This leadership role is responsible for MIB Marketing strategy and planning. Ms. Georgianna also has the responsibility for the Senior Product Council, organized to consider new approaches and solutions to the Membership area. Ms. Georgianna has been very active in the market planning and positioning of MIB services to the insurance industry. Ms. Georgianna is also responsible for membership affairs, serving as a communications liaison between the insurance industry and MIB. Ms. Georgianna holds a B.A. from the State University of New York at Potsdam and holds an R.H.U. designation.

Edward A. Dalto, Director, Computer Operations and Support
Edward A. Dalto brings over 33 years of MIB experience to this leadership position. His current responsibilities include overseeing Computer Operations, Core and Specialized Production Services, Technical Solutions (HelpDesk), Data Quality, Name Dictionary Administration and Control, and Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery. After his initial MIB employment as a part-time computer operator in 1971, Edward started his upward progression by learning the computer programming trade. He worked in various departments as a software developer and technical support specialist. Edward honed his MIB products and services technical skills in the Production Systems Control group. During that tenure, he was promoted to Department Manager. In 1998, Mr. Dalto’s knowledge of MIB data processing and information technology positioned him to be the candidate selected to fill the position of Computer Operations and Support Director. Just prior to and during that timeframe, he orchestrated a critical and successful business continuance date transition as the MIB Year 2000 Project Manager.

David N. Olson, Senior Director, Information Technology
David Olson has over 30 years of experience with MIB technology. Prior to being appointed Senior Director of IT, he served as Visioneering Director, where he was responsible for identifying key emerging technologies. As such, he chaired the IT Architecture Study which identified the core technologies on which the reengineering effort is based. He also worked with industry groups to develop MIB transactions based on open standards. He worked first on ANSI X12 standards before committing MIB to support of ACORD XML standards, which form the basis of the WEB-DIRECT interface. In his work with ACORD, he was chair for 3 years of ACORD’s Life Architecture Working Group and is currently involved in several ACORD working groups developing the next generation of ACORD’s standards to support SOA and Web Services. Prior to becoming Visioneering Director, Mr. Olson managed the development group which was responsible for the Search System that responds to customer inquiries, and which developed major subsystems of the MIB-COMM connectivity product. Mr. Olson attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he studied physics, prior to joining the Army where he received training in electronics and cryptographic systems.”

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