What is the “Follow-Up Service (Plan F)”? The MIB, Inc. marketing materials offer the following description of the “Follow-Up Service (Plan F),” an electronic information product to exchange consumer information among insurance and healthcare corporations:

“Follow-Up Service – Casting a larger net

Some opportunities are too good to pass up, which is why the Follow-Up Service (Plan F) is an insurer’s primary source of post-underwriting information. The MIB Follow-Up Service provides the ability to uncover misrepresentation during the contestable period. For the two years following the original MIB inquiry, this service continues to alert Members to a policyholder’s medical and other conditions of underwriting significance that may have been undisclosed at the time of the original application. This includes a screen of OFAC/OSFI which provides a follow-up for two years if a new name appears that is a “hit” from a previously checked name. And for those who prefer to receive only those codes that may have significance in conjunction with rescissions, we offer a customizable filter for that purpose.”

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