If you wouldn’t apply for credit without reviewing your credit report, don’t apply for health and life insurance without checking your medical report.

Health and life insurance corporations have powerful technologies for evaluating and pricing individual insurance applicants: personal “medical report” files. The Washington Post says that these medical reports, which are like credit reports for your health records, have been created for more than 200 million Americans.

Alarmingly, your medical report files may include both medical and non-medical information about you. For instance, personal data collected by the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) may include medical conditions, credit report history, driving records, criminal activity, drug use, sexual orientation, participation in hazardous sports, and personal or family genetic history. Using information from your medical report files, insurance companies can charge higher premiums or terminate coverage.No consumer should pay for health or life insurance without first reviewing their annual medical report files. Under Federal law, all consumers are entitled to request annual medical reports from the Medical Information Bureau, Inc. (MIB), Ingenix, Inc., and Milliman, Inc. According to the Federal Trade Commission:

“All consumers are entitled to receive a copy of their medical report from the Medical Information Bureau, if requested, to verify that all information is correct.” Source: Federal Trade Commission Press Release

Consumer medical report files, sold to insurers by the Medical Information Bureau, Inc. (MIB), Ingenix, Inc., and Milliman, Inc. enable health and life insurance corporations to charge higher premiums and power the technology behind rescission of coverage.

annualmedicalreport.com works on behalf of families, employees, and businesses to improve privacy protections for personal medical information, establish technological standards for insurance company use of consumer reporting data, and reduce out-of-pocket costs for consumers by detecting and deterring insurance company fraud and discrimination.

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