Who is MIB Solutions, Inc. and what type of consumer information does the company collect and distribute?


MIB Solutions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the MIB Group, Inc., develops and markets products and services that help insurance companies make better, more informed underwriting and risk management decisions. In addition to new products and services, our mission is to expand MIB’s core fraud detection and deterrence services into new markets.

For decades, our work with the Society of Actuaries and collaborative research groups like the Mortality and Morbidity Liaison Committee have placed us at the forefront of industry analytics — aggregating industry experience to set the foundation for mortality tables and keeping underwriting current with medical advances. Our analytic capabilities and industry-wide perspective, together with our broad access to the North American life insurance industry, gives us a greater understanding of the risk management issues facing insurers today.

These core competencies, combined with our unique industry positioning, make MIB Solutions, Inc. a leading provider of risk management products and services that give insurance executives the capabilities they require to improve business performance, increase effectiveness and, ultimately, enhance profitability.”

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